WILD CARDS® are a great tool to use when you are learning the identification, attributes & uses of Wild Foods. Linda's core 52 wild edible plants are printed in brilliant color and clarity on the backs of the cards. The cards contain the crucial info needed to deal with an unexpected emergency or survival situation in which knowledge of edible wild plants could save your life.

In addition to the photo on the back is an inset line drawing of the plant, and a chart showing its natural US & Canadian habitat. On the face is a compact listing of the plant's aliases, its edible parts and characteristics, with notes, uses & hints, and when needed, warnings. There are also traditional card markings so the deck may be used as regular playing cards. There is a hole through the upper corner of the cards by which the deck is fastened together with a ball chain.

You will find the majority of these plants in all 50 states, and, indeed, in most of the world. A few are unique to the Eastern or the Western US.

WILD CARDS® fit easily in a pocket or pack to go with you camping or hiking. Use them as flashcards to enhance your learning & help you to immediately spot this food in the wild. Soon you will see it everywhere!

                                          $12.oo      also have a supliment set of 19 arizona, California, nevada cards not playing cards  $9.00


Healthy living Manuel and survival tips  $9.00 




put out by the U.S. Air force, small great to carry in your bug out/ emergency kit. Military issue manual. This is a very good book on search and rescue, combat survival and evading the enemy regardless of geographic location or climatic conditions. Good chapters on camouflage and movement. Survival medical and method for avoiding illness. Well illustrated chapters on desert and cold weather survival along with shelter & fire starting techniques. 122 pages. Air Force aircrew survival manual. Dimensions: 5" x 8" (inches).





The Modern Day Gunslinger: 

  This gunfighter's bible is a must read for those concerned about self defense. Michael and Don discuss developing an "anticipation mindset," situational awareness, threat analysis, and determining when the use of lethal force is jjustified.  

  • Combat mindset
  • 200 color photographs
  • Written for all levels of experience
  • Close-range shooting methods
  • Safety, equipment and tactics


"The Modern Day Gunslinger: The Ultimate Handgun Training Manual" by U.S. Navy Seal Don Mann is a comprehensive guide for gun owners. Whether you're an experienced or novice shooter, a military member or a police officer, "The Modern Day Gunslinger" teaches skills with a broad application. This gun manual includes information on equipment, tactics, safety and the best practices to follow. The close-range shooting methods covered in this book will give you an advantage in the field. "The iincludes 200 color photographs. Paperback, 464 pages.




The Creation Handbook

EVOLUTION HANDBOOK — An amazing New book with the pure scientific truth about evolution! You will thrill as you read these facts! This updated book replaces our best-selling "Evolution Cruncher".

  • Thousands of scientific facts, disproving every basic area of evolutionary theory.
  • A fascinating book that is easy to read. Full of facts most people are not aware of. Written so key points quickly jump out at you. 1,350 scientific quotations or references.
  • Browse through this book, and you will be amazed at what you find. You will soon know more about a far wider range of

    scientific facts than many scientists are taught.
  • Topically arranged, easy-to-read print size, and a full-size index-so you can quickly find what you are looking for.
  • Written for all ages, but outstanding for students. Includes study questions and research helps. Because of the way it is arranged and typeset, this book is excellent for sixth grade through college level.
  • Remarkably broad coverage. No complicated math. Hundreds of statements by prominent scientists who disprove evolutionary theory. They know evolution is a hoax. You should learn the facts also.
  • Keep this book. You will refer to it for years to come, as you convince others of the truth. Facts are powerful. You will learn things most do not know!
  • Give copies of this book to your loved ones. Give it to students in school. Let then start learning the truth. They urgently need it!
  • LEARN HOW TO REFUTE EVOLUTIONARY ERRORS. Excellent for schools, study groups, sermons, and lectures. 992 pages
  • Most complete refutation of evolution available in a single book. Yet this is an extremely low-cost book in boxfuls of 16, for widespread distribution. The book contains no doctrinal bias, only scientific facts against evolutionary theory. Carefully written in simple language for 7th grade, on up through high school and college. There is NOWHERE else in America that you can purchase a complete book against evolution for this low price. Proving that Evolution is nothing more then adult science fiction. Full of scientific facts and documented from the Experts.               $5.00


Pocket Bible


King James Version, Hardback, well made Pages are sewn in so do not fall out like so many books. 

Small standard text Bible with Metrical Psalms. Without references. Very durable hardback; often used in missionary work.

Features: Black text throughout, Quality sewn binding, Bible paper, Decorative head & tail bands, gift presentation page,
The Epistle Dedicatory, Bible word list, Daily Bible reading plan, Twelve pages of lined drawings, Metrical Psalms

Page Size: 5.4" x 3.7", Thickness: 0.9", Print Size: 6.5 point                                   $10.00



would you like to be able to change
FAT (Frequently Assumed Teachings) into FACTS?
FAT #1: The new Bible versions are based on older, better manuscripts,many of which were discovereds ince 1611.
FACT: This was the theory, which has now been “debunked”, especially because the oldest manuscripts, the papyri, and the Dead Sea Scrolls all strikingly support the King James over the New King James and even
more over other new versions. The King James translators had all the significant textual readings we  have now.
FAT #2: Supporters of the King James Bible are sort of backwoodsy “snake handlers” who don’t (or can’t) deal with the real scholarly issues concerning the reliability of the Bible.

FACT: It is reprehensible ignorance or outright misinformation to ignore the brilliant, often unanswerable arguments authenticating the King James Bible as the most accurate English translation of the only Bible text that can even claim to be the “Preserved Text”.
FAT #3: Bibles that have thousands of omissions, different readings, or questions about the reliability of the manuscripts translated from,are apparently the best God could, or cared to do, in keeping His many promises to preserve His Inspired Word to our day.

FACT: Stop and consider what it would mean if this were so!

FAT #4: The Bible should be treated like any other great ancient Classic; a few (thousand) copying errors or edits don’t matter, it’s the thoughts that count.

FACT: God’s precise thoughts require precise words. Those who do not find a 100% inspired and 100% preserved Bible are left with religion without Revelation, which is Humanism:
Jesus was just a good man. There is no Almighty Creator God Who so loved you that He gave His only begotten Son to die for your sin. You still have to deal with the Devil behind all the hurts and horrors in this meaningless life—and beyond.
If all this FAT is not acceptable to you, YOU MAY WANT TO READ THIS BOOK!
bound handbook                                    $10.00



size: 6' X 9" and 1/2" thick; paperback        


The Strong's Exhaustive Concordance lists every word in the Bible along with profound Hebrew or Greek meanings. The problem is that the Strong's is too big,and heavy; now it can be carried behind your Bible and used dynamically in one hand. This combination is the ultimate study Bible. A pastor whose church meets under a tree must carry his library under his arm.

Now, the entire Strong's exhaustive Concordance easily carried in one hand behind your Bible--giving you the Hebrew and Greek of every word in the Bible, and everywhere it is found, combined with dictionaries giving the root meaning which is the understanding of a native speaker.

The Micro Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance behind your King James Bible is the ultimate Study Bible. Even if the editor of your Study Bible is a learned and humble man of God, he can only share relatively few insights, just scratching
the surface. Here is a Study Bible that enables cross referencing EVERY WORD in the Bible, even in the Hebrew and Greek, and the Holy Spirit as your teacher.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” (Psalm 119:105); without it, you’re hopelessly in the dark, stumbling around trying to navigate with the momentary sparks of unworkable theories of man— humanism, evolution and other religions that are not based on the grace of God. In contrast, the Holy Scriptures actually tells us how it all ends (and begins) and presents “the way, the truth and the life”, the Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins and rose again.
This is a Concordance of the Authorized King James Bible—the only English translation of the perfectly inspired, promised preserved Word of God. For a revealing comparison of the King James Bible with the New King James (and most of the other major popular versions), please see the book, Enough!!The New King James Bible, Do We Need It?
available free or order hard copy from