This really seems to be an already deployed weapon system which is aimed at us, the unshielded civilian population. The military takes this very seriously and has done much to be able to withstand such an attack; but possibly because many in high places have publicly stated their intention to reduce the human population by 90% (that's us), the mass starvation which would result from a large scale EMP attacks destruction of mechanized growing and distribution would accomplish this goal. It also seems that it is very difficult to prevent such an attack if the powers that be even wanted to. (The defense would cost so much more than the cost to anonymously attack). The military calls this A HEMP, which stands for A High Altitude EMP; most satellites are expected to be taken out as well. EMP is a fast-rising (nanoseconds) broad-band, high-energy blast from a megaton hydrogen bomb in the Stratosphere. Conventional surge suppressors and Microwave oven housings only damp out a relatively narrow band of the Electromagnetic spectrum and usually aren't fast enough. The well-grounded Faraday Cage is the complete shield. (Circuits grounded by Solid State components such as diodes and varistors with sufficient power and voltage ratings certainly can help.) Store critical spares and any other electronics you really need (and solar charge controllers and inverters), inside the cage ready to replace the Grid if it goes down. Shielding is effective for EMP, so consider the following list of some do-able and economical FIELD EXPEDIENT EMP MITIGATION TECHNIQUES AND PLANNING CONSIDERATIONS:
1) Plan low-tech alternatives such as one vehicle that uses conventional ignition, flags and messengers when your cell phone and their towers are fused, and one old-fashioned Krypton bulb flashlight when all LEDs die ....
2) Keep all wire lengths as short and as straight as possible C no big coils of too-long extension cords in your circuits; coils act as magnifying pick-up antennas to EMP.
3) Use shielded (with grounded shields) twisted-pair cables when possible; even taping together positive and ground wires lessens EMP pick up. Where practical, keep cables laying on the ground instead of suspended so that they do not pick up as much EMP; have insulators on guy wires.
4) 8-foot copper clad Ground Rods electrically strapped to the metal walls of oversea Shipping Containers will give a good measure of shielding for a work/storage place for critical spares, LED lights and even for your vehicle(s). (Most cell phones won't even take a message inside such a grounded container!) Cover vents with metal wool attached to container wall.
5) When not being used, smaller electronics should be tucked away in shielded containers in something like our Mylar/foil Mil-wrap bags which are to be grounded. Any equipment not being used should be unplugged to protect it from the Grid that includes any phone line or antenna. ( The power/com grid act as an enormous pick up antenna to the Emp pulse)
6) High-voltage devices such as motors, transformers, relays, lamps, circuit breakers, etc. are less susceptible, but they should be unplugged from the Grid when ever not in use; after the EMP, there is a secondary pulse, slower, but more like a lightening bolt, that can take out this heavier-duty gear if attached to the Grid. Most damage is from
Ainduced EMP from outside your equipment, though if you are relatively close to the blast, there might be sufficient pulse picked up by each device to fuse the nanometer thick wires in LSI (Large Scale Intergrated) circuits inside virtually everything we use today.
7) ACritical Spares: If something important wasn't shielded or was insufficiently shielded, having a shielded back-up device, or replacement LSI component to that device, will keep you running.
8) It is surely a good preparation to think through carefully what you can and cannot live without.
The most important shield we need is from the righteous judgment of Almighty God for our many violations of His character as revealed in the Ten Commandments. Jesus lovingly took our judgment and offers us a place on the winning side. The Bible promises that No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper .... This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORDIsa. 54:17. Surely this promise/prophecy is addressed to those who believe the Bible about the last times in which we live and so do what preparation they can do.
If you wonder if this is a real present danger, consider:
8 November 2010, a Chinese submarine fired a low altitude missile with an EMP warhead across America=s southern bow (quite possibly to test our apparently non-existent defenses and to express their displeasure at the last trillion dollars of inflation printed).
8 November 2010, the cruise ship Splendor off our southern coast, with over 5000 souls aboard, was dead in the water despite its 2 and 3 levels of back-up systems; this luxury cruiser lost all power. They couldn't even flush their toilets and needed many tons of food air-lifted from the U.S. Navy while being towed to San Diego.
8 November 2010, a Tomahawk cruise missile was fired in response remember the mystery missile seen off Los Angeles?
Many people we each know will become cannibals (Zombies) after 3 days without food; having our electronics still working will make a great difference in our survival.

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