Dry-pack canning is selecting dried foods to store for the long term in mason jars with oxygen absorbers.

Some of the many reasons to use oxygen absorbers are to: Prevent mold and growth of aerobic pathogens and keep bugs away on grains, Beans and other dry foods.

  • Keep Vitamin A, C, and E fresh.
  • Keeps food from going rancid.
  • Delay browning in dried fruits.
  • Inhibit oxidation of oleoresins present in spices, which alter the flavors.
  • Deprive pests of oxygen, so they and their eggs and larva can't live.

Food needs to be as dry as possible, before canning. Fruit / vegies dry them, and then can them, also keep nuts, crackers, chips from going rancid for longer and keeps bugs out.

We use mason jars to can just about anything dry! And they last /store the longest.

Oxygen absorbers are incredibly important for preppers. As a prepper you'll want to get started using oxygen absorbers because they will help you save up food in the pantry for 30-years or more! You can buy food in bulk to save money and then store your food both for everyday use and for emergencies.                                              Add your dry food and add the appropriate oxygen absorber inside the jar and put the lid on hand tight. The absorber does the job of sealing the jar properly. You'll hear a pop when the absorber has sealed the lid.                                      Thankfully, oxygen absorbers keep microorganisms, enzymes, moisture and insects at bay, without oxygen bugs cannot live. So your food can stay fresh.

DO NOT use hand warmers with food! Hand warmers are not a food safe material.  Use oxygen absorbers for your food.

Make sure you know how many oxygen absorber packets you'll need for the task at hand. Make sure they are still good, is the absorber too hot? It’s a good one! 

This will give you a general idea for your food storage project:

-Use at least one 100-cc oxygen absorber for a mason jar   We suggest you use a mason jar because they stores the longest                                                             -Use three 100-cc oxygen absorbers per #10 can                  Glass is the best for long term storage.                                                                         -Use 500 cc's of oxygen absorbers for a five-gallon bucket


  1. Fill jar with whatever you are canning.
  2.   Wipe top of jar rim
  3.  Put 1 oxygen absorber in 1 qt canning jar.    Note: quickly seal any unused absorber. Or put in
  4.  Screw on lids and rings snugly as quick as possible     empty Canning jar and quickly close the lid

25#’s of food packed in 2 minutes—for 30 years

  • 12. Worth of canned beans for $2. In a reusable container.

100 absorbers (and free mason jar)                $14.

1 flat of 12 jars                                                 12.                                

1 bag of 50 oxygen absorber                             7.

Chip clip for closing bags between use             5.

Oxygen indicator    2 pk                                    5.

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