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JAMES STRONG, S.T.D., LL.D first published this Concordance in 1890. It lists every word in the “King James
Bible” in each location and gives the Hebrew and Greek “root” meaning at most occurences— the understanding which a native speaker would have. This is a wonderful insight for understanding the text being read, whether you speak any Hebrew or Greek at all! The Micro version enables anyone to carry it with him in the back of his Bible—at his fingertips.

Directions: 1.)To find where a verse is in the Bible, look up the most striking, significant word you can remember. Be sure to spell the word exactly as in the King James Bible. If you can’t find it, try a different word. Because the Micro Strong’s omits the phrase from the text for each word, you are forced to familiarize yourself with where that word occurs in the entire Bible—this is a rewarding word study exercise. 2.)The numbers beside each reference are where the word is found in the Hebrew or Greek Dictionaries in the rear of the concordance. If no number is given for that reference, then it is the number given for “all=”. If the word in your verse is not listed in the Concordance, it was “supplied” by the translators (and often printed in italics in the Bible), meaning that it is implied or required by the grammatical form. 3.)The small superscripts (for example, 2 , etc.) that appear following some verse numbers indicate the number of times the word appears
in the verse. 4.)In the Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries, each definition is followed by “:–” and then is written every way that word is translated in the King James Bible; this gives you an exhaustive list of everywhere that Hebrew or Greek word is found in the Bible.

5.) “sup”=supplied; “subscri”=subscript; “t”=title. Look in the APPENDIX for persons, places, and races, as well as for the following
49 words which are seldom looked up: a , all, an, and, are, as, be, but, by, for, from, he, her, him, his, I, if, in, is, it, me, my, not, O, of, our, out, shall, shalt, she, that, the, thee, their, them, they, thou, thy, to, unto, up, upon, us, was, we, were, with, ye, you.

Because Hebrew in its essential elements and vocabulary is much simpler than Greek or Latin, it is possible to have access to the majestic Hebrew tongue─which conveys to us the greater portion of the oracles of God. A good start would be the Handbook of Biblical Hebrew by Sanford LaSor (Eerdman’s Publ, 1980). (This is actually a delightful verse by verse study of the book of Esther.) With what you learn from LaSor, you will then be able to have a depth of understanding of the grammatical analysis from Benjamin Davidson’s Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon (Hendrickson Publ. Co). It is necessary to memorize the Hebrew alphabet (listed on the first page of the Hebrew Dictionary) in order to use Davidson, but knowing the Hebrew “aleph-bets” will actually give you beginning access to the Hebrew Bible and to all Hebrew references. Also consider Do It Yourself Hebrew and Greek by Ed Goodrick, (Multnomah Press). “Lasor, Goodrick, and Davidson” are helpful friends.

If you could only have two books, shouldn't they be the King James Bible and the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance?

The Strong's Exhaustive Concordance lists every word in the Bible along with profound Hebrew or Greek meanings. The problem is that the Strong's is too big,and heavy.  A pastor whose church meets under a tree must carry his library under his arm.

Now, the entire Strong's exhaustive Concordance can be easily carried in one hand behind your Bible--giving you the Hebrew and Greek of every word in the Bible, and everywhere it is found, combined with dictionaries giving the root meaning which is the understanding of a native speaker.

The Micro Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance behind your King James Bible is the ultimate Study Bible. Even if the editor of your Study Bible is a learned and humble man of God, he can only share relatively few insights, just scratching the surface. Here is a Study Bible that enables cross referencing EVERY WORD in the Bible, even in the Hebrew and Greek, and the Holy Spirit as your teacher.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” (Psalm 119:105); without it, you’re hopelessly in the dark, stumbling around trying to navigate with the momentary sparks of unworkable theories of man— humanism, evolution and other religions that are not based on the grace of God. In contrast, the Holy Scriptures actually tells us how it all ends (and begins) and presents “the way, the truth and the life”, the Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins and rose again.
This is a Concordance of the Authorized King James Bible—the only English translation of the perfectly inspired, promised preserved Word of God. For a revealing comparison of the King James Bible with the New King James (and most of the other major popular versions), please see the book, ENOUGH!! OF THIS BIBLE CONFIDENCE GAME;  Have you been conned into confidence in The New King James Bible? available free download or order hard copy from www.armoredsheep.com.