Prepper/ survival supplies

          Master inventory of GOOD Kit (Get Out Of Dodge kit)



(carried in ALICE pack, a black stuff sack for the sleeping bag and on a good-quality belt)

Jesus is God--always has been. But, He "hath no pleasure in fools: pay that which thou hast vowed" (Ecclesiastes 5:4). Our marriage vows, or other commitments, already obligate us to provide for our families from day to day, and especially in time of great discontinuity.  Isn't some of our gear shown here non-optional? 



Fire Starter



generally one strike lights a fire.

  $16.00  2/ $28.00


Universal sharpener Small, portable— the sharpener to carry with you, comes with Carbibide sharpener, Diamond file and surgical sterile scalpel in handle--  compatible with all legitimate sharpening systems. .  It is brand new in the package comes with profound instructions, has a hole to tie it on so you do not lose it.  You can sharpen any knife, including serrated edges, and virtually any tool with an edge, machetes, etc. etc.

$16.00  2/$28.00



 In wodland fabric case; the only real tri-fold shovel ("Entrenching tool"--we call it the "Everything tool" : shovel, sharp axe, pick, hoe, chair, porta-potty,  back scratcher, rifle rest, camping stove  politically correct self-defense, boat paddle....) genuine U S Military Tri-fold; made by Ames Co.  Fully re-conditioned. Important emergency tool to carry in vehicle.  Great for camping, coyotes, survival, survival kits, splunking, backpacking,gardening, plumbing. Keep under seat of your vehicle; take oversees in your luggage....   



U.S.M.C. Survival Kit:  the kit consists of two sealed pouches that are issued as a single Kit and can be separated after issue. extensive Fishing Kit, Emergency, Saw, Finger Ring, Survival Blanket, 2 Plastic Bag, Zip-Lock, Candle Votive, Snare Wire, Fire Starter, Magnesium, Knife, Pocket, Signalling Mirror, Compass, Smoke Chase, Whistle Extreme Cold, Water Bag, Drinking, Matches Waterproof


Yo Yo Fishing reel  Lures, catches and holds automatically!

The Mechanical Fisher’s Automatic Fishing Reel is simply the best way to catch fish.  Our reels will set the hook and keep it set for you automatically, reducing lost fish and lost bait.

Proudly made in the USA, this reel features a galvanized steel body with a stainless steel spring,  60 pound nylon line. This reel is easy to use, long lasting, and most importantly, it will help you catch more fish! Great for fishing from docks, trot lines, limb lines, jug lines, ice fishing or tie it off the side of a boat.  We have users tell us they have caught 5 times as many fish using the Mechanical Fisher as traditional fixed line fishing. Also a small game snare.   Also great for your bug out bag/ emergency kit when you cannot carry a long fishing pool.     $7.00   2/$12.00


             WILD CARDS® are a great tool to use when you are learning the identification, attributes & uses of Wild Foods. Linda's core 52 wild edible plants are printed in brilliant color and clarity on the backs of the cards. The cards contain the crucial info needed to deal with an unexpected emergency or survival situation in which knowledge of edible wild plants could save your life. In addition to the photo on the back is an inset line drawing of the plant, and a chart showing its natural US & Canadian habitat. On the face is a compact listing of the plant's aliases, its edible parts and characteristics, with notes, uses & hints, and when needed, warnings. There are also traditional card markings so the deck may be used as regular playing cards. There is a hole through the upper corner of the cards by which the deck is fastened together with a ball chain. You will find the majority of these plants in all 50 states, and, indeed, in most of the world. A few are unique to the Eastern or the Western US. WILD CARDS® fit easily in a pocket or pack to go with you camping or hiking. Use them as flashcards to enhance your learning & help you to immediately spot this food in the wild. Soon you will see it everywhere!           

                                          $12.00    $5.00 for  a set of 9 cards for Arizona,Nevada, & California


L.I.F.E. Pack: EMT, paramedic; pre-hospital "goldenHour", includes "QuickClot"     $37.00



Aircrew Survival  U.S. Air force; one of the best compact manuals for everyone; if you can only have one manual. Put in an emergency kit         $12.00

Two-quart canteens

In insulated nylon case w/shoulder strap, and belt clips  Tan color; holds half-gallon; bladder brand new bladder.

          $12.00   2/$20.00

Stainless steel cup fits in canteen case, has folding handle; can cook in it over a fire, drink out of it and use as a bowl. 

$5.00 W/ canteen

2 Qt canteens


Pocket Colloidial Silver Cenerator  alkaline 9-volt battery, brown glass bottle, scotchbrite (purify water, broadest spectrum internal/external antibiotic), runs well on any DC source.


Gas mask

New with filter and carrying bag    babies up to large adults with chemical/biological filter, carying bag.

$15.00  sizes 2-4 $20.00

Gas Mask


Boonie hat, several different flavors and a couple of sizes


Jungle Blanket / poncho liner

light-weight, comfy; can tie in to a rain poncho for a sleeping bag; ground cover; tie up for shade. etc, etc

  nice $30.00   New $40.00



Rain poncho: $25.00   (carry both in stuff sack)

Survival blanket

U.S. Military; OD and silver; twice as thick as the civilian ones, and bigger in size; thermal image shield.  Use OD camo side when you don't want to be seen.   93inx55in


Camo net


9'x9' camo net – “radar scattering” (fits in stuff sack)   $79.00

Military modular sleeping system (new):

Black modular zero sleeping bag & “Patrol Bag” w/ bivy, in stuff sack


Tac Light


With both the TAC24 S.W.A.T. and SR3 tri-mode models in this class, the TAC24 Series now sets the industry’s standard as a multi-functional side carry light; designed on a 1 inch body platform; with Anti-Recoil® capability up to .50cal BMG and out-ranging lights up to 1,200 lumens.

This series was designed for use across many applications from hunting or hiking, to search & rescue and patrol. The TAC24 Series is one of the most compact, yet powerful, rechargeable lights ever produced in the history of the lighting industry. With its anti-glare, stealth coated, aircraft aluminum body and ruggedly dependable shockproof design, a TAC24 flashlight can withstand just about anything.


  • Modes: On-Off-Strobe
  • Double Sealed - Waterproof up to 10 Meters
  • Momentary switch
  • Detachable lanyard                       $99.00
  • Tactical bezel
  • Matte Stealth Hard
  • Coating
  • Focus-able beam

 MAGLIGHT (new black, 3-cell) w/ one set  (lithium) AA batteries  $35.00


SELF-DEFENCE light:   2AA batt., (lithium batteries, "meat cutter" crown).     $25.00


Pilot's Gloves, nomex, and sheep leather. You can open knife, shoot, go riding etc. with gloves, or USMC combat Gloves.            $20.00

sewing kit: needles/ nylon thread, tissue($3.)


Generic multiuse pocket knife($4.),  


Triflow lube($7.)


bug headnet   your gear

x small / small, Med, Large wool shirt   $12. &  $15. $30.

Wool Shirts

pocket K.J.V. Bible($10.00)


spiral lined notebook ($1.00)


3 pencils (with lead break guard) $3.00


P-38 can opener ($1.)


2 bars antibacterial soap ($2.)

4" vise Grip ($12.)

2 single use riot handcuffs ($5.)


7 packs MRE Electrolyte ($5.)


 rolls of paracord:  32' each roll  $4.00  2/$7.00

para cord

2  G. P. straps $3.00  2/$5.00

Gp strap


Compass    The CAMMENGA MODEL 27 PHOSPHORESCENT LENSATIC COMPASS is built to the demanding specification MIL-PRF-10436N. Rigorously battle tested; shock, water, sand proof and functional from -50 F to +150 F.
The phosphorescent lensatic compass has been used as an economical alternative to the tritium model for decades. It is the same compass CAMMENGA has been supplying to the US military except that the self-luminous tritium has been replaced with phosphorescent paint.

Equipped with a magnifying lens, sight wire, and dial graduations in both degrees and mils to ensure accurate readings. The Copper Induction Damping System slow the rotation of the magnet without the use of liquids. Built to last with an aluminum frame and waterproof housing. The Cammenga Compass is depended on by fighting forces, government agencies, and adventurous outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

  • Luminosity: Phosphorescent
  • Jewel Bearing: Sapphire
  • Rotating Bezel: Bi-Directional
  • Climate Capacity: -50 F to +150 F                                           $69.00
  • Frame Materials: Cast Aluminum
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Accuracy: +/- 0002 mils
  • Dial Readings: Degrees & mils
  • Casting: Aluminum
  • Damping Process: Induction (No Liquid Req.)
  • Carrying Pouch: LC-1 w/Belt Clip Included
  • Lanyard: Colors (Body): Olive Drab


Food:  5 # Chia seeds (highest nutrition/energy;  for eating, sprouting and planting)   (in 5 Qt. USAF water bladder $30)  1lb $14.00      3lb $43.00



7 Whole Military MRE meals


Two quart stainless steel cooking pot with fitting lid, stainless steel tablespoon    $45.00

Possibly don’t bring cell phone because of “Lojac”

 items for you to supply:  more water, spare trousers and shirt, undergarments, boots, (we have many), 2 pair boot socks,  floss, toothbrush, razor and Duct tape,  feminine pads (can be used as wound dressing), large guaze pad, 1/2 # salt, especially any personal meds, pistol, rifle, and shotgun with all the ammo you can efficiently carry

EMP:  faraday cage (groundable shield for inverter, flashlight, other electronics)   $10.00

                                                     battery tester ($7.)       


140/250 watt inverter ($30.)


duffel bag:

  2 amp. 12-volt solar panel ($125.), F-4 Jet, double 12 VDC NiCad battery (@200.), 2  cigarette-lighter plugs with alligator ends (for powering equipment or charging) ($17.),  third 2-Qt. canteen (full of water) ($35.), 2/3 of your ammo; tape measure ($5.)


Your G.O.O.D. (Get Out Of Dodge) CART

Now you can carry enough for the long haul;

otherwise you just lost, slowly.

15 gallons of water or fuel

2 five gallon jerry cans and 4 ammo cans – over 100 lbs.

 Two person pull – over 200 lbs.


Two packs – over 100 lbs.