Your friend, Survivor BOB (the Bug Out Bag)

Category: Nonfiction. Win the life or death adventure of the 21st Century
with BOB’s gear and experience! (He’s a combat veteran too.)



The ABC'S 

of survival                            Prepare in the priority of THREES

Jesus is God--always has been. But, He "hath no pleasure in fools: pay that which thou hast vowed" (Ecclesiastes 5:4). Our marriage vows, or other commitments, already obligate us to provide for our families from day to day, and especially in time of great discontinuity.  Isn't some of our gear shown here non-optional? 



Healthy living and survival tips manual    $9.00 

 Survival tips, info on being  healthy and eating to survive in the tough times in which we live.



Gas mask  New with filter and carrying bag. CBR (chemical, biological, radiation protection.)     Sizes 0-4, for toddlers up to large adults.

 sz 0,1 $25.00   sz 2 $30.00,  sz 3  $35.0,  sz 4 $40.00

different sizes



2 each full- face vision and breathing protection, fits in your shirt pocket.


B Bad Guys: (also called Pirate Preppers)


 You may need a 22/22 mag. (2 different cylinders), best if 9″ barrel (“Double Action” if possible) revolver; 100 rds “Hornady Critical Defense” magnum; 100 rds sub-sonic 22; 500 rds “brick” 22 LR (Practice makes this pistol a rifle!)                       

                            You buy.   We do sell scopes and mounts which you can see on our store page.

Bullet-proof panel (w/shoulder straps; stops .357 magnum and knives; made for UK police; 1 lb.)  


USMC tri- fold shovel E-Tool   In woodland or acu fabric case; Ames, in fabric case. “The E-Tool” (“Everything tool”). So much more than a shovel...a combat sword! Also a pick, hoe, axe, machete, boatpaddle, grappling hook, zipline, chair, porta-potty, cooking stove... politically correct to carry; after all, “It’s just a shovel.





   $60.00   opt


Folding/locking, 6″ blade, combat knife (every battle ends hand to hand! It’s a kitchen knife too)

                           $29.00  opt



3-in-1” non-lethal self defense (175 lumen light,  stealth stun gun, 16′ pepper spray)






Titanium “Spork” (You need it 3 times a day to eat; looks harmless, but it’s a frightening weapon.)   


C-  Climate: … THREE HOURS WITHOUT SHELTER— too hot or too cold for comfort wears one down



Poncho (military type; Poncho was a real smart guy, this is your wind, rain-proof “Outer Shell”)

Brand new                    $25.00  


Poncho liner (“Jungle Blanket”; tie to poncho, cut at poncho neck for insulated rain/overcoat)

Light-weight, comfy;  tie up for shade. use as ground cover; etc, etc

                                                     Good $30.00   New $40.00 




USMC “3 season” Bivy (almost a one-man tent with a screen door; any sleeping bag fits inside)





USMC “Patrol” sleeping bag (very compact, or use your own bag)


C -  Clothing: (Carry in sleeping bag for a quick change of clothes; your clothing is a shelter

wool shirt

Wool shirt (warm even when wet;)

$8. small; $15. medium; $30. large


 boonie hat—depending on weather  (with bug net)

$15.00 - $18.00

Wool watch cap (30% of heat loss at head)

pair wool socks (wool is proven, especially in boots; one pair dries as you wear the other)


                              USAF Pilot’s Gloves or USMC Combat Gloves. (Protect those hands.)


                             BDU pants (special ordered for perfect match; those cargo pockets are super! Military tough fabric)


                            Sturdy belt, bandana or Arabic “shemagh”; “combat” boots (your feet have to carry BOB),....

                                you buy


2 each USMC combat/casualty blankets, (thermal shield; thick enough to be a re-usable “space blanket”) silver and green

                    $9.00    2/$16.00


D-Drink: … THREE DAYS WITHOUT WATER—drink dirty water, probably live less than 3 days! Over a day without water begins mental confusion, and then quickly drinking without electrolyte/salts added can cause Rehydration Sickness. Water is key; no more than 12 hours without it is your priority goal.

2 Qt. US army canteen: (carry on belt or shoulder. Here’s an idea: Get your water as you find it, perhaps straining out sediment through bandana or shemagh, then purify as needed.)

                         $15.00  2/$25.00


                            Stainless steel cup fits in canteen case, has folding handle; can cook in it over a fire, drink out of it and use as a bowl. 

                                                   $5.00 w/ canteen

                      2 each 1 gal. collapsible water bladders (with carrying straps; you must be able to carry all the water     

                      you can because you do not find water very often in the desert; can also carry fuel)


                      3 qt.+ stainless steel pot with fitting lid and 12” stainless steel spoon (pot drilled to hang over fire,                                  especially to boil water; a renowned traveler said, “If I could take only one thing with me from                                        civilization, it would be a cooking pot; I can make most other things, even a knife.”)      $45.00 opt


1 Firestarter— a fire a day for over 2 years; 1 strike lights a fire(with 4 “Quikfires” for when everything is wet)         $19.00  



                          2 each Butane lighters, 10 match books (easy fire for the first month) 


                           7 each MRE electrolyte packets (just water isn’t enough; salt helps also)


E-Eat: … THREE WEEKS WITHOUT FOOD—after 36 hrs without eating, the body just                                 begins to eat itself!

 14 each various “Clif ” high calorie/protein bars (light eating stalls the 36 hr “no food” trauma)

1 MRE complete meal (2000 calories; for the first day of your run for life)


10′ snare wire (instructions on snare building in USAF Survival Manual below)


1/2# Himalayan salt (with 90 essential elements missing in modern food; can’t live without salt)

84 essential minerals required by the human body and not found in comon table salt.  

-True pink Himalayan salt is one of the best salts you can find.

-Contains all l6 of the electrolytes required for health.

-Probably the best salt for health and survival situations.

(vs common table salt: Heavily processed to eliminate natural minerals.)




1/2# chia seeds (the super food, much omega 3; warriors fought for a day on a handful of chia; highest nutrition/energy;  for eating, sprouting and planting.  



USAF “Air Crew Survival Manual” (perhaps the best pocket survival manual) if you can only have one manual. Great to carry in an emergency kit.       




Food cards: edible/medicinal wild plants;it’s also a deck of playing cards  

             WILD CARDS® are a great tool to use when you are learning the identification, attributes & uses of Wild Foods. Linda's core 52 wild edible plants are printed in brilliant color and clarity on the backs of the cards. The cards contain the crucial info needed to deal with an unexpected emergency or survival situation in which knowledge of edible wild plants could save your life. In addition to the photo on the back is an inset line drawing of the plant, and a chart showing its natural US & Canadian habitat. On the face is a compact listing of the plant's aliases, its edible parts and characteristics, with notes, uses & hints, and when needed, warnings. There are also traditional card markings so the deck may be used as regular playing cards. There is a hole through the upper corner of the cards by which the deck is fastened together with a ball chain. You will find the majority of these plants in all 50 states, and, indeed, in most of the world. A few are unique to the Eastern or the Western US. WILD CARDS® fit easily in a pocket or pack to go with you camping or hiking. Use them as flashcards to enhance your learning & help you to immediately spot this food in the wild. Soon you will see it everywhere!           

                                          $15.00         In addition, a set of 19 different cards then deck  for Arizona, Nevada, & California  $9.00



F-FARADAY CAGE: depending on situation, keep phone in bag since cell phone is a “lojac” (locator beacon)     Faraday Cage bag. (Try to call your phone; if you can’t, the lojac doesn’t work either.)


Possibly don’t bring cell phone because of “Lojack” (tracking device)

G-GOD. WITHOUT GOD ALL IS LOSS—John 3:16. You must be on the right side to win!        KJV pocket Bible (The only every word English translation of the original Bible)      $10.00


Knife sharpener (lasts a lifetime)   Small, portable— the sharpener to carry with you, with a hole to tie it on so you do not lose it.  Comes with carbide sharpener, diamond file and surgical sterile scalpel in handle-- compatible with all legitimate sharpening systems. It is brand new in the package with profound instructions.  You can sharpen any knife, including serrated edges, and virtually any tool with an edge, machetes, scissors, etc.

$16.00  2/$28.00


U.S.M.C. Survival Kit:  The kit consists of two sealed pouches that are issued as a single kit and can be separated after issue. Extensive Fishing Kit, Emergency Finger Ring Saw, Survival Blanket, 2 Plastic Zip-Lock Bags, Votive Candle, Snare Wire, Magnesium Fire Starter, Pocket Knife , Signalling Mirror, Compass, Whistle, Water Bag for Drinking, Waterproof Matches



 G.G.S. First Aid Kit (with 34 items—more than just “First Aid”!) 
"First Aid" can save lives. Has p-38 can opener, scalpel blade, matches, safety pins, vitamins "A&D" ointment, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Electrolyte replacement tablets, lots of
different size Bandaids , sting relief, tape, antiseptic towelettes,  Gauze pad. Crush-proof, water-proof case clips on.

                        $12.00         light Green or Purple case only  


The “Israeli Combat Dressing”. (Sterile, esp. for limbs, even for bullet holes; can be tourniquet)



L.I.F.E. Pack: EMT, paramedic; pre-hospital "goldenHour", includes "QuickClot" 



Colloidal Silver generator. (Broadest antibiotic; water purifier...use medically internal & external) with alkaline 9-volt battery, brown glass bottle, scotchbrite. Runs well on any DC source.



“ULCAN”: radar, visual & thermal screen, new tech military Camo Net: Not available anywhere except from us. Custom cut from 30 ft net.

             9'x9' $150.

military Camo Net: radar & visual
Custom cut from 30 ft net.

9′ X 9′  $150.00 custom cut from 30' nets (only available from us) 15' diamond  $360;  30'  hexagon  $580.



Flashlight (can mount on your head, with 4 lithium batteries and “DNA sampler” crown)


Sewing Kit (esp. big needles & 50’ nylon thread)


3 pencils with breakguards and memo pad


Roll Duct tape, roll electrical wire 

1 bar anti-microbial soap (Wash your hands everytime before you touch your face or eat!)


“Triflow” lubricant (1. Loosens 2. Lubricates, 3. Preserves; even has Teflon)


$10 face value US pre-1964 silver coins. (If anything to buy, silver will be better than “paper”.) 

                                10x spot
Encrypted flashdrive with crucial docs (DL, birth certif, passport, licenses, deeds, prescriptions...)

                                 you supply

Multi-tool (quality, or at least a good pocket knife)

                                  you buy
Toothbrush, paste, floss, personal meds, underclothes, fold-out map of your state...

                                  you buy
River shoes (for water crossing and in camp)

                                  you buy



P-38 can opener, pry bar, screwdriver

                   $1.00 3/$2.00


 2 each 32′ paracord (lifts 550 pounds; inner 7 strands have many uses)   $5.00  2/$9.00

1 each 50′ braided cord (1000# test) $9.00

 2 each General Purpose straps. (Turn a box into a backpack, make suspenders etc.)$4.00  2/$7.00


US Military Lensatic Compass (no other compass like it, especially at night)    The CAMMENGA MODEL 27 PHOSPHORESCENT LENSATIC COMPASS is built to the demanding specification MIL-PRF-10436N. Rigorously battle tested; shock, water, sand proof and functional from -50 F to +150 F.
The phosphorescent lensatic compass has been used as an economical alternative to the tritium model for decades. It is the same compass CAMMENGA has been supplying to the US military except that the self-luminous tritium has been replaced with phosphorescent paint.  Equipped with a magnifying lens, sight wire, and dial graduations in both degrees and mils to ensure accurate readings. The Copper Induction Damping System slow the rotation of the magnet without the use of liquids. Built to last with an aluminum frame and waterproof housing. The Cammenga Compass is depended on by fighting forces, government agencies, and adventurous outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

  • Luminosity: Phosphorescent 
  • Jewel Bearing: Sapphire
  • Rotating Bezel: Bi-Directional
  • Climate Capacity: -50 F to +150 F                                 Phosphorescent  $89.00
  • Frame Materials: Cast Aluminum
  • Waterproof: Yes                                                                 Tritium                    $114.00
  • Accuracy: +/- 0002 mils
  • Dial Readings: Degrees & mils
  • Casting: Aluminum
  • Damping Process: Induction (No Liquid Req.)
  • Carrying Pouch: LC-1 w/Belt Clip Included
  • Lanyard: Colors (Body): Olive Drab

USMC Day pack (“Combat Patrol Pack”; this is the Bag of your BOB.) + 2 desert camo covers




Us Military Alice Pack

  • Heavyweight nylon
  • Large main compartment, with 3 outer gear pouches
  • 2-strap top flap closures on all
  • Olive Drab coloring
  • Made in the USA              $30

 Consider: Solar panel with USB & rechargeable lithium ion battery and flashlight- $49; “Jazz”
12 to 110 Inverter- $30; Lithium “123” charger with two batteries-$20; 4 each rechargeable AA
batteries and 4-position automatic charger- $20

EMP:  faraday cage (groundable shield for inverter, flashlight, other electronics)   $10.00

                                                     battery tester ($7.)       


140/250 watt inverter ($30.)


Your G.O.O.D. (Get Out Of Dodge) CART

Now you can carry enough for the long haul;

otherwise you just lost, slowly.

15 gallons of water or fuel

2 five gallon jerry cans and 4 ammo cans – over 100 lbs.

 Two person pull – over 200 lbs.


Two packs – over 100 lbs.