Ulcans net

ULCANS:       Ultra -Lightweight Camouflage-Net System


• Enhanced Force Survivability

• Protects against Current    

  through Mid- Term Threats

• Soldier-Friendly Design            • Quick Deployment and Strike  • Lightweight Net and Support     

  System                                       • Durable, with Low-

  Maintenance And Quick Repair

• Mildew and Dry-Rot Resistant • Fielded with U.S. Army and

   U.S. Marine Corps

• Woodland ULCANS – NSN

• Desert
ULCANS – NSN 1080-


• ISO Certified


Covers all known sensor threats:

ULCANS represents the most advanced camouflage technology available on the market today. It has multispectral capabilities throughout its service life, enhancing force survivability by providing protection against visual, as well as near-infrared, thermal infrared and broad-band radar threats.

This is the latest US Military issue camo netting.  It provides not just visual concealment but also is radar scattering and provides a minimum of an 80% reduction in thermal signature.  In addition to the thermal signature reduction it is engineered to heat and cool just like vegetation. This is extremely important, because if you are using one of the space-blanket style thermal barriers it may block your signature, but if it heats or cools differently than the vegetation around it will still stand out like a sore thumb.  It is non-snagging, quickly deployed, and withstands the rigors of field duty, service life estimated to be 112 deployment and recovery cycles.




ULCANS Overmatches the threat 


• Single-Side, All-Season   configuration,   for Error-Free Deployment

• Incised Garnish for Effective, Leafy Look




ULCANS Design Features Soldier-Friendly

Durable, Snag-Resistant Design                                                            

• Deployment and Recovery Time Halved

• Simplified, Robust Interconnect Between Panels Replaces LCSS  Pin-and-Lanyard

• Reduced Water Retention

• Weight Reduced 50 Pounds from LCSS – Entire ULCANS System Weighs under 90 Pounds

• No-FOD, No-Scratch Design

• One-Piece Shape Disrupter Replaces Complex Batten Spreaders

                                      • Nine out of Ten Soldiers Preferred ULCANS during Testing