Knife Sharpener

Universal sharpener Small, portable— the sharpener to carry with you, comes with Carbibide sharpener, Diamond file and surgical sterile scalpel in handle--  compatible with all legitimate sharpening systems. It is brand new in the package comes with instructions, has a hole to tie it on so you do not lose it.  You can sharpen any knife, including serrated edges, and virtually any tool with an edge, machetes, etc.

$16.00  2/$28.00



Bug Out Kit


For your emergency kit or all around use with a strong, compact, bright keychain flashlight and a P-38 can opener.      $22.00



Genuine U. S. Military Tri-fold, made by Ames Co--.the only real tri-fold shovel "Entrenching tool"-- the Marines call it the "Everything tool" :shovel, axe, pick, hoe, chair, porta-potty, back scratcher, rifle rest, camping stove, boat paddle....  Fully re-manufactured to Mil-spec+. Important emergency tool to carry in vehicle. Great for camping, survival kits, splunking, backpacking, gardening, plumbing, keep under seat of your vehicle....  You can take overseas in your check luggage. Politically correct self-defense,

$49.(with case that includes clips for wearing the E-tool on your belt),   $60. with woodland camo nylon soft case



Pistol mount

I went camping and forgot my ax. My wife reminded me that I have an E-tool. I chopped lots of firewood with the E-tool; it worked well.    David H


One mount one holster- even for your carry gun!
Turn your carry gun into superior fire power.
Take mount off or put it on just as fast as you would put in a magazine.

Front brake holster,     mount any dayscope,                               Tac light,                      daylight visable Green Lazer/IR,         Red Dot

             $89.                                                                                        $90.                                          $285.                                         $89


Belt Holster


 Can put gun with laser attached in holster.  Combo has a safety so pistol cannot be stolen.  Heavy-duty rivets to keep everything held thogether in a very professional manner.  Quick release to remove gun with the laser attached very rapidly.  Will work with different lasers and pistols. 



-Rail mountable

-daylight visible

-actual flashlight

-blinds intruders







Compare side by side before you buy another lite!  The TAC 24 flashlight is a testament to the effectiveness of quality engineering and manufacturing. Its power saving 300 lumen bulb and precision mirrored SuperLumen® reflecting cone work together to blast light to distances of one Lux @ 400 meters (bright enough to read a newspaper; gives you a peepsight of light for shooting) and yet an extended runtime of up to 7 hours on High compared to 1 hour for other lights that go so far.  It also has a HikeBack feature that automatically dims the light when batteries are low, giving users enough time to return back to safety and not be left in the dark without notice.  The housing of the TAC24  is machined from a solid bar of aluminum (you can drive over it) and features double O-ring seals making it water-proof to depths of 30 feet. The TAC24 is also fitted with ExtremeBeam's proprietary Anti-Recoil® system, allowing the light to be weapons mountable up to .50 BMG. BalancedBeam® Technology, it is designed to consistently deliver unmatched light casting ability, ruggedness, and  when off, Mode automatically defaults to High after 7 seconds as any professional Tac light must.  1" body for rail grabbers, "DNA Sampler" front.  Batteries: two 123 lithium or one 18605.  Modes: High, Low (to greatly conserve batteries), Strobe.  Note above three patented features that cannot legally be found on any other light!




3 watts.  Over 48 hours continuous light for 3 AA batteries.   Great reading or work light/ tent candle. We have developed a hands free head/hat light rig for this maglight        $35.00 ea.



key Chain Light

The ultimate carry light for the money
- 126 lumens
- 200 meter range
- 60 meters submersible
- bullseye spot
- anti-roll shape  


Self defense Aluminum Flashlight


* 1/2 watt so AA batteries last 8 hours (alkaline batteries included)

* The finest parabolic reflector on the market *throws the light
* focus from needle spot (brighter than 1 watt), to general illumination 
* water resistant,
* self Defense tool with combat crown

We have these lights in black and titanium                $15.00 ea.


Keychain Always carry Light

Made of solid aluminum,lightweight. Wipes contacts every time the light is turned on. Durable--we drove over one of these lights in our truck and nothing happened to it. We also have lights in Goldenrod and Blue.

              $7.00  2/$12.00




You can last:
- 30 days without food
- 3 days without water
- 3 minutes without air

5 sizes available to protect the whole family comes with filter and carrying bag, brand new.

                       $15.00 and up (for larger sizes)

Gas Mask


U. S. Military Compass

A must for any emergency, survival or prepper kit! 

 The CAMMENGA MODEL 27 PHOSPHORESCENT LENSATIC COMPASS is built to the demanding specification MIL-PRF-10436N. Rigorously battle tested; shock, water, sand proof and functional from -50 F to +150 F.
The phosphorescent lensatic compass has been used as an economical alternative to the tritium model for decades. It is the same compass CAMMENGA has been supplying to the US military except that the self-luminous tritium has been replaced with phosphorescent paint.

Equipped with a magnifying lens, sight wire, and dial graduations in both degrees and mils to ensure accurate readings. The Copper Induction Damping System slow the rotation of the magnet without the use of liquids. Built to last with an aluminum frame and waterproof housing. The Cammenga Compass is depended on by fighting forces, government agencies, and adventurous outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

  • Luminosity: Phosphorescent
  • Jewel Bearing: Sapphire
  • Rotating Bezel: Bi-Directional
  • Climate Capacity: -50 F to +150 F                                           $69.00
  • Frame Materials: Cast Aluminum
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Accuracy: +/- 0002 mils
  • Dial Readings: Degrees & mils
  • Casting: Aluminum
  • Damping Process: Induction (No Liquid Req.)
  • Carrying Pouch: LC-1 w/Belt Clip Included
  • Lanyard: Colors (Body): Olive Drab

Mechanical Fisher’s Yo Yo Fishing Reel

Lures, catches and holds automatically!

The Mechanical Fisher’s Automatic Fishing Reel is simply the best way to catch fish.  Our reels will set the hook and keep it set for you automatically, reducing lost fish and lost bait.

Proudly made in the USA, this reel features a galvanized steel body with a stainless steel spring,  60 pound nylon line. This reel is easy to use, long lasting, and most importantly, it will help you catch more fish! Great for fishing from docks, trot lines, limb lines, jug lines, ice fishing or tie it off the side of a boat.  We have users tell us they have caught 5 times as many fish using the Mechanical Fisher as traditional fixed line fishing. Also a small game snare.   Also great for your bug out bag/ emergency kit when you cannot carry a long fishing pool.     $7.00   2/$12.00



Olympian 3-in-1 - Self- Protection

Gp strap

Guard Dog Security's Olympian presents the world’s first and only stun gun, flash light and pepper spray in one compact, hand-held design. No need to decide which personal security tool is the best to carry when the one device combines all non-lethal devices in to one. Single-hand operation allows the user to identify, stun and spray within milliseconds of reaction time in a high stress situation. Identify with 175 lumens of blinding light with a beam distance of greater than 50 yards, ideal also as a daily use flashlight. Stun in close proximity and for immobilization with Guard Dog’s concealed stun technology, hiding any visible or intrusive prongs. Spray with distance defense with -Guard Dog’s red hot pepper spray, firing up to 16 feet away. Equip yourself with a handy, compact flashlight that also tends to be the worlds most practical and all-inclusive -personal security device, the Guard Dog.

-First ever 3-in-1 The world's first all in one self defense product. Stun, flash, and spray with ease of access  

- Glow in the dark button on pepper spray for nighttime use.

-Single hand operation Designed for single-hand operation of all functions  

-High voltage stun gun High voltage stun gun: An electrifying stun gun powered with high voltage thrust to simply scare an attacker with its sound alone

-Guard Dog pepper spray Includes Guard Dog Security pepper spray, the world's hottest and most reliable self defense spray with UV identifying dye  

-175 lumen flashlight A high powered flashlight in the palm of your hands   Exclusive concealed inner stun technology ™ Exclusive concealed inner stun technology ™ – No -visible probes: Guard Dog’s exclusive Concealed Inner Stun Technology ™ hides any visible prongs

 -Dual safety switch Dual safety switch: One safety switch for the stun gun and one for the pepper spray to prevent accidental discharge, yet built for quick-response  

-Rechargeable battery Rechargeable battery: Simply plug in the charging cord when the stun and flashlight are running low and never buy batteries again  

-Lightweight Stun gun, pepper spray and flashlight all together in less than 4 ounces and in the palm of your hands  

-100,000 hour bulb life Also has a beam distance greater than 50 yards


Gun Magnet 

Hide any loaded rife, pistol or shotgun almost anywhere. The thief is not going to wait while you open your gun safe. These are stronger and larger than others being sold. (Comes with 2 screws for easy mounting)


$15.00  2/$28.00

Gun Magnet

Worlds Strongest Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets. 

If one is not strong enough to hold an item, then stack them up.

they hold right through your hand.

$3.00 2/$5.00 5 / $10.  20/ $20.  or 100 / $100.

   Contact us for shipping





  1. On Oil Filters and in oil pans.
  2. Picking up Nails, Screws and sewing pins.
  3. Cabinet Latches.
  4.  Refrigerator Magnets.
  5.  Holding Spare Keys in Place.
  6.  Finding Meteorites.
  7.  Stud Finders.
  8. Make tool, Gun or Knife  holders. 
  9. Keep cords under control. 
  10. Display your knives.
  11. Magic Tricks, illusions.
  12. Holding signs on Cars and Floats.
  13. Secure a trash bag.
  14. Holding down a car cover or tarp.
  15. Sluice box to seperate magnetite from gold.
  16. Great gifts.
  17. Use for holding Trailer lights on rv towed vehicle.
  18. Erasing credit cards, to stay out of debt.
  19. Checking for steel core ammo.
  20.  Checking different metal types.
  21. Magnetize a screwdriver to hold screws.
  22. Put on golf towels.



(Military Wrap) Perfect seal forever with your clothes iron. Can cut to any size you want or make multiple








$69 + $17.50 for silver

pocket colloidial silver generator

mini size

This generator fits in your pocket, suitcase, glove box or emergency kit.

generator make s ~ 100 gallons   $69.00


Credit Card Knife



The only Credit card you'll need. Fits in wallet in your Credit card pocket. 


$6.00  2/$10.00  5/$20.00

Credit Card Knife

U.S. Army General Purpose Shoulder Strap  

Complete with hook on each end. Made of 2 wide OD cotton webbing. Adjustable length for large or small person approx. 29" to 47".  have 2 metal hooks on either end.  Perfect for military bags, binoculars, cameras, canteen covers, shoulder bags, rifle slings. Get 2 for suspenders, carry your ammo can, guitar strap,  etc. Made to last a lifetime.                                                                                                        $3.00  2/$5.00  bundle of 5 for $10.00


U.S. Military Parachute cord 550#


32ft  $4.00 2/ $7.00

para cord


U.S. Military Parachute cord 1000#


50ft  $9.00


Parachute Strap


 10,000# test. We cut the 550# parachute cord off of this strap.

60' $12.00  2/$20.00     120' $20.00   2/$30.00


Genuine Issue decelerator strap


 This strap is New and 4,00# test It comes in 25 ft and 50 ft lengths. We can also make it whatever length you need. contact us for custom orders.


Marine corps 2 man combat tent


The Combat Tent is a two-man, three-season, free-standing, double wall tent. The Combat Tent incorporates a vapor permeable tent body with a waterproof floor and fly, which also provides 20 sq. ft. of vestibule area for gear storage. The Combat Tent has two doors(entrance/exit openings), and using shockcorded poles, requires no special tools for erection and striking. Additionally, the rain fly is adaptable for use independent of the tent body, utilizing the poles and stakes provided.


Floor Area:

38 sq. ft. minimum
Minimum Weight: 8.5 lbs. (tent, fly and poles)
Height: 46" (+/- 1") at apex
Transport Pack Size: 0.5 cu. ft. (tent, fly, poles and repair kit)
Total Vestibule Area: Rain fly provides 20 sq. ft. of additional covered storage
Rain Fly: Free-standing, reversible Camouflage Green and Desert Tan, flame retardant
  • Operable conditions 0° to 120°F
  • Ventilation for use in desert/arid environments, minimizes internal build up of condensation
  • Withstands steady 40 mph winds and gusts to 55 mph
  • Provides protection from flying and crawling insects
  • Has sufficient head room for changing clothes
  • Seams taped on tent body and fly
  • Rain fly covers all openings in the shelter
  • Rain fly prevents the escape of light and provides protection against visual and infrared
  • Rain fly when installed provides 20 sq. ft. of additional covered storage and is adaptable for use independent of the shelter
  • Rain fly has high wind guy out points for staking down the tenpare parts kit available Basic Requirements 

    Able to withstand 40 mph steady winds and 55 mph wind gusts
    Working temperature 0° to 120°F
    Protection from driving rain, sand and blowing snow
    Rain fly and frame set up without the inner tent
    Instruction sheet sewn into lid of tent bag to prevent loss
    Separate detailed users manual,        $169.  repair Kit extra



U. S. Military Modular Sleeping Bag

They are Mummy-style sleeping bags and include the Patrol Bag, Intermediate Sleeping Bag, Bivy Cover, and Compression Stuff Sack. This is a great system! Each bag can be used independently for warmer weather or joined together for colder weather. Use year round
Includes: Patrol Sleeping Bag– This outer bag, when used by itself is rated for temperatures down to 30 degrees. This bag is ripstop nylon Polarguard HV resin polyester fill and is water resistant. It has a reversible double pull slider which allows the top or bottom to ventilate and a draft flap to prevent heat loss. The hood adjusts for heat retention.
Color: Green Length: 81" to 83" Width at Chest: 35" to 37" Width at Foot: 22" to 34"
Intermediate Sleeping Bag – This inner bag is rated for temperatures down to -10 degrees. It has an anatomically designed foot box that contains twice the insulation as the bag for extra warmth. A sewn in quilted chest collar prevents air drafts. Hood adjusts for heat retention. This bag is also ripstop nylon HV resin polyester fill and is water resistant.
Color: Black Length: 81" to 83" Width at Chest: 34" to 36" Width at Foot: 21" to 23"
Bivy Cover - The bivy cover is made of durable 3-layer GORE-TEX fabric. It is waterproof/windproof and is designed to protect yourself and your sleeping bag in inclement or colder weather. Includes snap fastener and slide fasteners. Color: Woodland Camo
Length: 81" to 83" Width at Chest: 34" to 36" Width at Foot: 27" to 29"

Compression Stuff Sack - For stowing and transporting your sleep system. Compressible to one cubic foot (a little bigger than a basket ball). Has six 1" wide nylon webbing straps adjusted by buckles. Nylon drawcord closure with a barrel lock. Color: black. When you put both the Patrol, intermediate, and bivy sack bags together you’re ready for sleeping down to 50 below zero.

New $169.00    contact us for shipping


Tire / Backpack Covers

New, Govt. Issue.  Desert camo  Alice Pack or backpack cover has heavy-duty material with an elastic opening that stretches to fit over lots of items besides backpacks. Ideal for bow hunters or backpackers to keep your pack dry. Protecting your tires from the sun is very important so you do not lose tread on the highway. Perfect for spare tire on Jeeps or stretch over seats on forklifts or tractors when stored outside. Put on tires of vehicles/camp trailers to keep sun from drying out tires. Fits up to a 16 inch tire.   Testimonial: while out 4-wheeling we discovered the best use for these. Just stretched cover over the front rack of your 4-wheeler and you have an instant supplies holder. Cover fits tight so all you do is just throw your coat or backpack under and you have a water resistant cover that things do not fall out of no matter who rough the terrain.

                                                 $7.    4/$24.

Tire cover


U.S. AIRFORCE Pilot Gloves


New in the box,( every USAF pilot must wear these) These gloves are limber enough so you can still use your trigger finger when shooting or any other outdoor activities. Made in the exacting government specs. of the finest leather palms and the back is made from soft knit fire-resistant, cut-resistent NOMEX® fiber that stretches so the gloves fit snugly. They remain soft and pliable even when wet. (You can even wash them in warm water and hand soap.)
The tan colored gloves are identical to the Flight Gloves, and are worn by drivers of U.S. armored vehicles.  
                                     $20.00 ( Cost over $100.)


New U.S. Military-issue FROG Gloves...

New U.S.M.C. FROG (Flame Resistant Organizational Gear) Gloves.  For combat troops because they provide Goat leather toughness and “Kevlar” cut-resistant protection with focus on trigger finger flexibility and overall dexterity for general and soldier specific tasks.  Lightweight, ventilated,  double stitched, water resistant, rapid on off, 11” gauntlet protecting wrists, hook-and-loop wrist strap ensures a snug fit.     



Two-quart canteens

In insulated nylon case w/shoulder strap, and belt clips   holds half-gallon;  brand new bladder.            

    $12.00   2/$20.00

Stainless steel cup fits in canteen case, has folding handle; can cook in it over a fire, drink out of it and use as a bowl.   $5.00 W/ canteen

2Qt canteens





Holds 3/4 gallon can put bacpack on top, hardly even notice you have it on.


Camo net



U.S. Military;. Radar scattering.

Desert Camo Netting

Official US Military Army Individual Camouflage cover.

New in package.

Daytime desert 

camouflage pattern.

Polyester Material.

                                                                                   Made in USA.

                                                                           5 x 8

Great for hunters requiring a brownish camouflage netting blind, make a ghillie suit, sew together  

                                                                for a shade   etc. etc.        $13.00




Pro-serve Food/Medical Insulated Carrier 

Engineered insulated, Rubbermaid commercial construction.

Jesus is God--always has been. But, He "hath no pleasure in fools: pay that which thou hast vowed" (Ecclesiastes 5:4). Our marriage vows, or other commitments, already obligate us to provide for our families from day to day, and especially in time of great discontinuity. Isn't some of our gear shown here non-optional?